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Analog Circuit Design, Volume 2: Immersion In T...

We appreciate the enthusiastic response to the original book, Analog Circuit Design: A Tutorial Guide to Applications and Solutions. The acceptance of this book emphasizes the need for making good circuit design applications accessible. These writings on applications fill a vacuum, since the majority of application notes and magazine articles do not have sufficient depth to teach analog design.

Analog Circuit Design, Volume 2: Immersion in t...

Analog design is challenging. There are many ways to get from input to output, and the circuitry in the middle can lead to divergent results. Analog design is like learning a language. When you first learn a language, you begin with a vocabulary book and then analyze writings in that language by looking up words one by one as you encounter them. Likewise, in analog design you learn the basics of the circuit, as well as the function of different devices. You can write node equations and determine what the circuit is doing by studying each of the individual circuits.

Today, analog design is in greater demand than ever before. Analog design is now a combination of transistors and ICs that provide high functionality in analog signal processing. This volume focuses on fundamental aspects of circuit design, layout, and testing. It is our hope that the talented writers of these application notes shed some light on the black art of analog design.

Bob Dobkin is a founder and Chief Technical Officer of LinearTechnology Corporation. Prior to 1999, he was responsible for allnew product development at Linear. Before founding LinearTechnology in 1981, Dobkin was Director of Advanced CircuitDevelopment at National Semiconductor for eleven years. He has beenintimately involved in the development of high performance linearintegrated circuits for over 30 years and has generated manyindustry standard circuits. Dobkin holds over 100 patentspertaining to linear ICs and has authored over 50 articles andpapers. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. JimWilliams, who worked for Linear Technology for nearly threedecades, was a talented and prolific circuit designer and author inthe field of analog electronics until his untimely passing in 2011.In nearly 30 years with Linear, he had the unique role of staffscientist with interests spanning product definition, developmentand support. Before joining Linear Technology in 1982, Williamsworked in National Semiconductor's Linear Integrated Circuits Groupfor three years. Williams was a legendary circuit designer, problemsolver, mentor and writer with writings published as Linearapplication notes and EDN magazine articles. In addition, he waswriter/editor of four books. Williams was named Innovator of theYear by EDN magazine in 1992, elected to Electronic Design Hall ofFame in 2002, and was honored posthumously by EDN and EE Times in2012 as the first recipient of the Jim Williams Contributor of theYear Award. 041b061a72


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