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Sunnyside Summer Nights -  July 29


7:00 PM

Dean Jarvey

Dean Jarvey is an experienced, mature singer-songwriter and guitarist. He sings originals and traditionals spanning 150 years of memorable songwriting in a wide range of styles.


Dean's a veteran of many bands and choirs including the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus, and he co-hosts the Varsity Community Association Open Stage nights.

He also yodels. Just sayin'. Fair warning.


Hear him here, and discover why all you need is ears and a smile to connect with this talented artist.


7:20 PM

Colette Forer

As an experiened music teacher, Colette's usually found coaxing beautiful music out of the souls of all sorts of youngsters and older-sters. 


But don't worry, this is a guilt-free space. Collette knows you didn't practice at all this week.  She understands you'd rather play in the sprinkler than tickle the ivories. 


So this hootenanny, sit back and let the teacher do the work, as Collette's keyboard mastery, driving rhythms and vocal beauty pulls a sweet summer song from your Sunnyside Summer's heart.


7:50 PM

Jess Vernon

What "New" can you do with the blues? I mean, really.


It's an old, tired form, 12 bars and a turn, designed to tell sad stories to an expectant, mournful crowd.


Jess Vernon disagrees.


Her response to this musical question is original music written by Jess herself. Jess Vernon, an alternative blues band, has a 50's vibe that will transport all those who remember back to that musical time. For those of us who don't remember,  and want to go to there, get ready to strap in for a trip.


But pack wisely. You may wanna stay awhile.


Hear her blues here.


8:15 - Nighty Night Time

Memphis and the Grande

Memphis and The Grande pay reverent tribute to songs from the dirt road. Playing original work, working on new music and stagecraft, they'll be defining the Sunnyside Summer Nights sound as permanent performers on the ContainR Park stage for those sweet summer nights.

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