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 Thursday June 23 Lineup

Our 2022 Season Kickoff! Doors Open at 6:30.

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7:00 - 7:25 PM

Nico & Jeff

Nico Brennan and Jeff Kushner


Nico & Jeff are back, and kicking off our 2022 Seasn!

This a high-energy duo comprising singer-songwriters Nico Brennan and Jeff Kushner performs a wide range of familiar and eclectic covers along with their original material.


With Jeff Kushner (Beagle Ranch, Talking Dog) on guitar and Nico Brennan (Dino Martinis) on ukulele, keyboards, and percussion, these two will carry you away with their arrangements and soulful harmonies.

While Jeff's hair deserves a set by itself, together these two pros will blow your hair back and tease it forward with a tuneful style quite their own, yet a style quite sure to suit you.

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7:30 - 7:55 PM

Tori Morely

Tori Morely and Mike Morely


Tori channels the ethos of punk through her lyrical content and vocal delivery. She writes about teenage angst, emotional processing and human experiences. Equipped with her bass, she peppers her music with funk-bass aesthetics and jazz leanings.


Tori is a SSN and Keith's Hootenanny Veteran, both Tori and her teenage angst have graduated together from "expendable Crewmember" where she played cool tunes with her Pop, Mike, who operates the guitar and other on-stage musical tech... 

It is said that "expendable Crewmembers is a group of space pirates that spend their voyages trading with and plundering from other ships, traversing the cosmos with an original but somewhat chaotic arrangement of punk, glam and alternative rock."

So come and hear this SSN favourite for yourself.

Tonight - June 23
Concert is Cancelled
ven in Sunnyside a little rain must fall... 
Full ticket refund available
See you on July 7!

Joseph Bahhadi.jpg
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8:00 - 8:25 PM


Joseph Bahhadi, Andres Mira, Michael Buie


Oranje plays math-rock and emo, which is music that is overly complex and kinda hard to play.

Apparently, they had nothing better to do growing up other than sit in their rooms and practice (and feel bad for themselves).

So Oranje will give Tori Morely a run for her money, teenage angst-wise.

Their music is also kinda angry and loud because this is how they express themselves. This angry and loud approach also gives them confidence in the real world, off the stage, where they are typically too afraid to rectify mixed up food orders in restaurants; adverse to challenging queue cutters at clubs; and loath to correct their names misspelled on coffee cups by inattentive baristas.

Grab some of their assertive musical energy and prepare to prevail.

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8:30 - 9:15 PM

HEADLINER - Frank Mona

Dominic Wong, Nico Policzer, Peyton Lamb, Ben Franzky


Online Hootenanny and SSN crowd-pleaser, and firmly rooted in the early 2000’s alternative rock scene, Frank Mona is a humble throwback to timeless classics as well as a refreshing take on modern rock.


Through the use of their infectious melodies, unique instrumentation, and overall mature songwriting, their music draws in and demands your attention. Drawing on an eclectic mix of influences all over the rock spectrum, Frank Mona blends together the best of what alternative rock has always been and everything it can be.

And, in the baffling spirit of Jethro Tull, Duran Duran, and Toto, no one in the band is actually named Frank. Or MonaOr is a dog.


Go figure.

Opener - Stephen "Kinger" King

Stephen King Guitar In Farmers Field Jacobs Ladder.jpg

Can't get more OH! (Original Hootenanny) than our own Stephen King.


Kinger does it all. He named, designed the identities, then performed regularly for the original Keith'sHootenanny and Sunnyside Summer Nights. On top of that, Kinger continues to entertain us all, musically and otherwise, through his own extensive original catalog and in his role as one of Memphis and the Grande's grander guys.


Come early - then let Kinger serenade you to your seats, lead you in song, and set up your Sunnyside Summer Night reeeel nice. 

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