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Sunnyside Summer Night of August 26

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6:45 PM

Robb Mann

Robb describes himself as a Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Entertainer. Achieving any one of those descriptive claims is enough, but anyone who has heard him knows you could easily substitute that descriptive sketch "True/Honest/Fun/Delightful".


Originally from Cape Breton, Robb has lived in Calgary over 20 years, which makes him a true East Coaster. Prior to Covid Robb performed 15-20 concerts monthly all over Southern Alberta for seniors, but I'm quite sure his music works for us young folk too. Watch for his new CD, "Never too late for Love" , and prepare for a great set by a spirited Cape Bretoner with a wide East Coast smile.

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7:20 PM

TimePoint Ensemble

Sunnyside Summer Nights is particularly excited to present Timepoint Ensemble ! More than an ensemble of musicians, Timepoint creates a simulacrum of ethereal musical ideas that fall from the sky to rest in your earth-bound ears.  Dedicated to playing music by people who aren't dead -  Timepoint pushes the boundaries of what musical performance means.

TimePoint has also satisfied this copywriter's desire to use the word "simulacrum" in a sentence, more or less correctly. Time will tell.  
Get ready to hear some compelling ideas, and contemplate some amazing music.

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8:00 PM

Memphis & The Grande

We're all happy to hear Memphis and The Grande is back to play yet another Sunnyside Summer night.

They'll be serving a feedbag full of new tunes workshopped at their recent artistic residency at Calgary's Grand Theatre.


OK, they don't actually keep their music in feedbags.


Rather, your appetite for Memphis's special flavour of country will be filled with sacks of soulful sweet songs from that long dusty road.

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8:45 - Nighty Night Time

Cowtown Collection

Words won't work to describe this whirl of amazing musicians and whimsical movement you are about to experience with Cowtown Collection.


So just stop reading.


And watch this.


You'll find yourself only beginning to imagine how this collection of stampeding bovines will cut a wide swath of wonderful through an otherwise quiet, reflective, and gentle Sunnyside Summer Night.

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Many thanks to our great partner,  Village Brewery!


Responsibly enjoy a cold, refreshing Sunnyside Summer Night beverage at the ContainR Park.

On premise beer, cider and non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

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