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Sunnyside Summer Night August 12th

Cathy and Nobuo - Nobuo Kawaguchi.jpg

7:00 PM

Cathy and Nobou

Nobuo Kawaguchi and Cathy Checora are two popular, versatile, and utterly charming performers.


Their warm and distinctive vocal harmonies, accompanied by ukulele, guitar, and cello, are as unique as they are charming. Their unusual arrangements feature both the familiar and popular, but in a timbre that's wonderfully rich and distinctly their own.


Hey Nobuo, any more Monkees waiting in the wings? You made daydream believers of us all.

If you're still not convinced, go hear them here and here, and we'll see you here Thursday!


    8:30 - Nighty Night Time

    Long Time No Time

    Sure, they're a horn band. But more. Dr Suess himself called them "rap trappers,  jazz jinglers and solo singlers". But don't call them late for dinner.


    With Daniel as their Maitre'd,  Tom's trombone,  Andrew's trumpet, Fletcher's drums and Jesse's bass complete a meal you're sure to devour with gusto. Then you'll come back to the buffet for mellifluous seconds, and even multiphonic 3rds.


    These talented musicians have been playing around town since 2017, their original music full of wit and imagination. LTNT will at once close this hootenanny and open your palate, so grab a seat and get ready to feast. 

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    Musical beverage pairings supplied by our great partner,  Village Brewery!


    Responsibly enjoy a cold, refreshing Sunnyside Summer Night beverage at the ContainR Park.


    On premise beer, cider and non-alcoholic beverages available.

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