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Canada Day Lineup - July 1st

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6:45 PM

Expendable Crewmembers

It is said that "expendable Crewmembers is a group of space pirates that spend their voyages trading with and plundering from other ships, traversing the cosmos with an original but somewhat chaotic arrangement of punk, glam and alternative rock."

Sounds intergalactically Canadian enough to me.  See and hear for yourself.


    7:15 PM

    Frank Mona

    Franks not a guy. Frank's four guys. And these four guys are giving us a Hollerin' Hoot, with original, full out, post high school, pre everything else in life that happens ALT ROCK! Think Hootenanny meets Newport Folk Festival, circa 1965.

    But cooler shoes.

    See their Hoot Highlight Here

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    June 17-1001644.jpg

    7:45 PM

    Memphis and the Grande

    Memphis and The Grande pay reverent tribute to songs from the dirt road. Playing original work, working on new music and stagecraft, they'll be defining the Sunnyside Summer Nights sound as permanent performers on the ContainR Park stage for those sweet summer nights.

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    Stephen King Guitar In Farmers Field Jac

    8:30 - Nighty Night Time

    Stephen King

    We are all so lucky to have Stephen King, a founding Hootenanny favourite, to lead us in a few Canadian anthems. He'll answer the musical question "What do you get when you cross Neil Young and the Tragically Hip? (A young hip.) It appears you also get "Tragically Young", but that doesn't quite land...

    Hear Kinger here

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    While the bands change...

    Cort Bulloch

    ....will distract you from the comings and goings and tripping's and wirings onstage, and take you places that reach far beyond his Sunnyside residence. Cort is seen here serenading the community during COVID, where he played one song a night for 65 nights, 8PM on the dot.

    Wonder if Cort will play any of these?


      Sitting in for one tune only...

      James Watson

      ....will focus his wildly eclectic musical talent on a distinctly Canadian piece of music that celebrates, even if you have feet of mud, how to step lightly, and please girls completely.

      This isn't that, but it still pleases. 


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