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 First Season Finale!
Sunnyside Summer Night of September 23

Ok, we've had a bit of fun in Sunnyside during those summer nights. But this Sunnyside Summer Night is going to be a doozy.


All artists onstage all the time, a little music in the round, a flow from artist to artist in a seamless wave of  sweet summer sound.

Or something like that. There will be artist highlights, solos, and, if it feels right, a little Jammin'. See you there!

Stephen King Guitar In Farmers Field Jacobs Ladder.jpg

6:45 PM

Stephen King

You heard him rock out on his electric last hoot.

You saw him play a whole set with Memphis and the Grande with his levis tucked into his cowboy boots.

His playful and plaintive harmonies define Memphis's Grande sound.

Kinger's artist highlight will set the stage for our Ultimate Hootenanny at the ContainR park.

So prepare to fill your boots with one fine and fun Hootenanny regular, Stephen King, who will start playing at 6:45.


7:20 - Nighty Night

Louisa, Daniel & James

Truly superlative musicians, this talented trio will sing and violin and guitar and saxophone their way into a special part of your brain. That special part reserved to articulate concepts like "Huh!" then "Wow!" and finally "Ya baby!" when your brain's musical stimulation is just so.

They've played for us online, live at a previous Sunnyside Summer's night, now hear them again at our season finale.

If you've heard them before, you know what to expect; if you haven't, prepare to join us at the table as we chow down on yet another tasty musical treat, with Daniel as the maitre d . 

June 17-1001644.jpg

7:20 - Nighty Night

Memphis and the Grande

You've seen them play with horn-toting cows. You've heard them cover Cake. You're tapping your toes and learning the words to your favourites of their original tunes, bless your heart.  

The House Band of Sunnyside Summer Nights is here to serenade you one more time with original songs delivered in one musically Grande gesture.

And if you like what you hear, don't forget to gesture back.

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