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Thursday Agust 4 Lineup

SSN Is on a Roll!

Our second actual (and 4th planned) concert of the year coming right up!

So pleased to have these previously weather-compromised,

but otherwise unscathed, fine artists on stage this season.


We have rekindled our trust in Sunnyside Summer Night weather.

Doors Open at 6:30.


Memphis & the Grande

Memphis Pambrun,

Stephen King, Don McSwiney,

Scott Lauchlan, Keith Dundas 


Memphis and The Grande is back!

If you attended SSN last season, you were surely charmed by that sweet country sound, lead by the man with the big voice, and even bigger heart, Memphis Pambrun. You may even be able to sing along as the Grande pays tribute to songs from the dirt road they have well travelled.


Do sing along, actually, with their latest singles, "Last Storm" here,(trusting that the last actual SSN storms have long since past..) and the song that sadly didn't influence our playoff hopes, Game 7 Man.


Welcome back from Batoche, Memphis, the Sunnyside Summer Nights fans greet you and the Grande with wide smiles and tapping toes once again.

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Stephen King Guitar In Farmers Field Jacobs Ladder_edited.jpg

Opener - Stephen "Kinger"  King

Can't get more OH (Original Hootenanny) than our own Stephen "Kinger" King.


Kinger does it all. He named, designed the identities, then performed regularly for the original Keith'sHootenanny and Sunnyside Summer Nights. On top of that, Kinger continues to entertain us all, musically and otherwise, through his own extensive original catalog and in his role as one of Memphis and the Grande's grander guys.


Come early - then let Kinger serenade you to your seats, lead you in song, and set up your Sunnyside Summer Night reeeel nice. 

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IMG_5587 - mimo Morley (1)_edited_edited.png

Tori Morely

Tori Morely and Mike Morely


Tori channels the ethos of punk through her lyrical content and vocal delivery. She writes about teenage angst, emotional processing and human experiences. Equipped with her bass, she peppers her music with funk-bass aesthetics and jazz leanings.


Tori is a SSN and Keith's Hootenanny Veteran, both Tori and her teenage angst have graduated together from "expendable Crewmember" where she played cool tunes with her Pop, Mike, who operates the guitar and other on-stage musical tech... 

It is said that "expendable Crewmembers is a group of space pirates that spend their voyages trading with and plundering from other ships, traversing the cosmos with an original but somewhat chaotic arrangement of punk, glam and alternative rock."

So come and hear this SSN favourite for yourself

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Cathy and Nobuo - Nobuo Kawaguchi.jpg

Cathy and Nobou

Nobuo Kawaguchi &


Pickle Juice and Peanut Butter.
Butter and Sugar Sandwiches.
Banana on Pizza.


Cello and Ukulele.

Now that your pallate has awoke, you're ready for the tasty musical flavours of Cathy & Nobuo.


Based in Calgary, versatile performer Nobuo Kawaguchi teams up with cellist Cathy Checora to present their distinctive renditions of some of your favourite folk and pop tunes.

You are sure to enjoy their arrangements featuring uniquely timbred vocal harmonies, variously accompanied by ukulele, guitar, harmonica, upright bass, and cello.

A well spiced fusion menu of song and sound, this Keith's Hootennany and SSN favourite will dish up arrangements with a colourful presentation all their own. 

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