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 Thursday September 1 

Our second-to-last performance of the season.
Get it while it's HOT!


Tori Morley - Headliner

Tori & Mike Morley


Tori's pretty busy these days.

Last week - RageEhLittleBit Album release concert at the Palimino.

This week: Our Own Hootenanny!

Next week: Tori's off to Uni


We're delighted to have Tori back on stage before she departs for adventures anew. Tori brings together songs about life - challenges, frustrations with the world, and the power of friendship for staying sane in an increasingly chaotic, burning world.

Tori channels the ethos of punk through her lyrical content and vocal delivery. She writes about teenage angst, emotional processing and human experiences. Equipped with her bass, she peppers her music with funk-bass aesthetics and jazz leanings.

Tori is a SSN and Keith's Hootenanny Veteran, both Tori and her teenage angst have graduated together from "expendable Crewmember" where she played cool tunes with her Pop, Mike, who operates the guitar and other on-stage musical tech... 

A true talent to watch in the many weeks to come!

    Stephen King Guitar In Farmers Field Jacobs Ladder_edited.jpg

    Stephen "Kinger" King

    Finally, Kinger gets a full set to himself. Lucky us!

    Kinger does it all.


    He named, designed the brand identities, then performed regularly for the original Keith'sHootenanny and Sunnyside Summer Nights.


    On top of that, Kinger continues to entertain us all, musically and otherwise, through his own extensive original catalog and in his role as one of Memphis and the Grande's grander guys.


    Let Kinger lead you in song, and feel him coax your Sunnyside Summer Night smile with the Sunniest of dispositions you'll see on our summer stage.

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    vlcsnap-2022-08-09-13h52m19s466 - Chris Santos.png

    Chris Santos

    Chris travels back and forth across a vast musical landscape. As a classical musician, Chris is an orchestral percussionist, whacking tympanies and whatnot with skillful mallet-work. As a high school music teacher, he claims to coax beautiful music from his band and choir without the need to resort to mallet-work.  But before all that, Chris's childhood was dominated by a relentless desire to hog the karaoke machines prevalent at so many family parties and get-togethers. 


    We never forget our first exposure to music and for Chris, it was on family road trips listening to jazz of the big band era and rock and pop of the 70s and 80s - songs minted decades before this talented Millenial first stepped on life's stage.


    Need a love song? He'll most likely do Sinatra. Want a sing-along? Elton John and Billy Joel will probably start playing. Wanna hear a song written in this century? He's got originals too!

    Get ready to sing along as Chris takes the stage on this Sunnyside Summer's Night.


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