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Wednesday, July 26, 2023


Tic 'n Taco!
Purchase a Tic 'n Taco Ticket bundle
Eat, Drink & Listen!
Gates Open 
6:00 PM 

Doors open 6:00 PM, and if you ordered our Tic 'n Taco option***, you can dine on hot tacos, delivered straight to ContainR park, as you listen to the warm-up act, and enjoy a beverage from Village Brewery.

Experience tasty tacos, frosty beverages, and tantalizing music that will leave you and your tastebuds dancing. 

**** Note that StrEAT Tacos can only be ordered in advance with the ContainR park Tic 'n Taco bundle.

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6:30 - 7:00 PM

It's me -  SallieMae - I'm the whole damn experience:

  • soul

  • power...

  • ..and a whole lotta of sass.


Born and raised in Calgary, living as a Filipino singer/songwriter, I raise my voice by curating a meaningful sound and creating my own spaces to express my identity.


The lack of representation of folx like me fuels my passion to craft lyrics to inspire, uplift and share the experiences of people who just want to be seen, heard and celebrated.


My contagious vibe and energy is embodied through a contemporary taste of R&B/Soul Pop thanks to influences like Raquel Rodriguez, Moorea Masa, Melissa Polinar and Rina Sawayama.


SallieMae is ready to live their truth in the best way they know: loud, proud, unapologetically them.

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Northern Quarter
First Act
7:00 - 7:30

Northern Quarter hails from the charming mountain town of Canmore in Alberta. We formed as an indie pop group back in 2017, and our varied influences have led us to become a genre-spanning band with songs ranging from Indie Folk to Jazzy lounge style vibes.


You'll notice Carlos Nadeau's guitar skills all over every single Northern Quarter song. His unique style and highly expressive solo abilities leave their mark on everything he touches.

Backing us up are Wendy Crewe on bass and Dave Crewe on drums and samples. The use of samples adds an extra dimension to one of our favorite tracks, 'Searching For Freedom', showcases an almost orchestral, angelic opening combined with Carlos' wonderful guitar riff and arpeggiated synthesizers.


Rounding us off is Phillip Alexander Nugent on vocals. A newer member, his powerful voice and incredibly energetic and entertaining personality, Northern Quarter's in a new era and off to a great start!


The pinnacle of our journey so far was winning the YYC Music 'Group Of The Year' award, which was a humbling and unexpected achievement. 

Gonna be a great night, bringing a little of the Northern Quarter to Sunnyside’s uniquely urban venue!

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Ollee Owens
Second Act
7:45 - 8:15 PM

I am Ollee Owens, and I aim to ignite a fire within you listeners. With a blend of burning intensity, elegant grace, and a touch of blues rock magic, I strive to create an unforgettable musical experience that resonates with both body and soul, forging a deep connection through our shared experiences and love for great music.


My songs speak to themes of self-worth, the power of our actions, and the enigmatic nature of love - each find their place in my lyrics, melodies, and the sound of my instruments.


Through this music, I seek to convey the importance of living with intention, spreading love, and embracing the belief that we all deserve the happiness that life has to offer.

So, get ready to be moved, to be uplifted, and to experience the transformative power of art.

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ZENON+ - Headliner 8:30 - 9:15PM

I'm ZENON, an award winning Alt. R&B musician who plays keys, guitar and I strive to deliver an incredible, personal interpretation of the genre-scape.

If I were to write a little about myself, here's what I'd say:


They self-released 3 singles and a debut album titled GENRE Z, played 60 live shows last year and to date in 2023 opened for Alex Cuba at a private Road to Juno’s event, played at Blockheater 2023, held their vinyl release party with 50% of proceeds donated to, launched their AB Concert Series, showcasing at two of Canada’s top music festivals; CMW (Canadian Music Week) and NXNE 2023 in Toronto and many more shows and festivals.


(And, as the one who invited Zenon + to play at SSN, and is so happy to have them on stage, here's what I'd add:

They are indeed, very musical. And very busy.

Just sayin'

Keith )

With a trajectory that has been described as skyward, ZENON delivers a must-see live performance filled with jazzy R&B, soaring vocals and a ton of wow factor. Catch this talented artist performing solo as ZENON and in their duo or band as ZENON+ in many cities from Toronto to Vancouver Island.

You can find links to new music at Events are listed here:, and the social below.

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