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Sunnyside Summer Night of July 15

Stephen King Guitar In Farmers Field Jacobs Ladder.jpg

7:00 PM

Stephen King

What do you get when you cross Neil Young and the Tragically Hip? A young hip.*


You also get "Tragically Young". While Stephen King is neither, he's nonetheless going to play their music from our past and his present creations that we know and love.


With his Kinger charm & killer licks, Stephen's a Hoot favourite, and Thursday you'll be reminded why.


*yes, a young hip still remains a feverish dream all you Birmingham hip folks.

    Daniel james.jpeg

    7:20 PM

    Daniel and James

    Daniel and Jame are two

    self-proclaimed devilishly handsome rogues performing Celtic Folk Tunes and whatever else strikes their musically dapper fancy.

    They hope to woo highland maidens and bring joy to the public in their performance, almost as much as they hope to play the right notes, in the correct order, with the appropriate instrument, at the perfect time.

    Let's see how they do, on all accounts.

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    June 17-1001624.jpg

    8:15 - Nighty Night Time

    Memphis and the Grande

    Memphis and The Grande pay reverent tribute to songs from the dirt road. Playing original work, working on new music and stagecraft, they'll be defining the Sunnyside Summer Nights sound as permanent performers on the ContainR Park stage for those sweet summer nights.

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