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Sunnyside Summer Night of September 9th


6:45 PM

Iron Wilde
6:40 - 7:15

True North, Wilde and Free.


Iron Wilde is a talented folk musician who will be delivering some stripped-down acoustic versions original songs- music to encourage us on this journey through the wilderness of life.


And that's demonstrably so, especially true with how Iron has supported the Hoot with two appearances online, one out of his Halifax Air BnB with "Thin walls, and I can't make noise after 11 PM." Successful appearance and no eviction!

No thin walls at ContainR, Iron, explore the space wilder and freer!

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7:20 PM

Two Late to the Party
7:15 - 8:00

Adam Corkett and Alessandra Enns are, simultaneously,  "Two Late To The Party" and never so, since the party typically kicks in when they arrive.  


A Calgary based folk duo, their music is played on airwaves across Canada. Their debut album ""The Great Unraveling"" has been ranked Top 50 albums by Earshot Daily and Top 30 albums for CJSR Edmonton, CHRW London and CFRU Guelph!

Forget the airwaves for an evening, and hear them live in technicolor at our Hootenanny, which they'll certainly kick us up a notch or two.

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[PHOTO] Palomino 1 B&W.png

Natural Twenty
8:45 - 9:30

Natural Twenty is a dice roll landing on twenty -  the best possible outcome, the luckiest roll, a relief – so a combo of good fortune awaits us all.


They weave rumbling bass, dance beats, jazz harmonies, and nostalgic RnB melodies - into music that inspires foot tapping and dancing. Lyrically, Natural Twenty reflects on the self and relationships, their music backed with lush, hypnotic vocals.


But not the sedate, sleepy kind of vocal hypnosis. It's the kind that compels you to jump on a chair and dance the funky chicken. While making you believe you're a funky chicken.

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