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Tonight's Performance - Sept 6 Cancelled due to Rain.. ;(

Just remember we had a ton of music when it didn't, so see you next Sunnyside Summer!

Welcome to our 2023 Season of
Sunnyside Summer Nights!

Yes, indeedy, in this our 3rd season, we're both new and improved! Featuring more Music,
more Food, more Electricity, and more
Sunnyside fun this endless summer.


We now run EVERY Wednesday from July 5 -  Sept 13, with four (count 'em - 4!)

acts each night.

Mmmmmm. Music.

More FOOD!

Now serving StrEATS Tacos - pre-order only. Delivered straight to containR park.

Enjoy our Tic 'n Taco specials - 2 tacos with single ticket, 12 Tacos with a table of 8. And for all you Willy Wonka fans, stay tuned for the nightly GOLDEN TACO draw!

Mmmmmm. Tic 'n Tacos.


OK, perhaps not a big deal for you. but we're pumped we now have electricity on site. That means no more generator noise, big commercial coolers for beverage service, site lighting, and more places our musicians can plug in their amplifiers and fancy gear.

Mmmmmm. Zzzzzt.


Keep the music going! Join us after the concert ends at Scuba Jay's, 50 steps away, just around the corner, with a special section reserved for all SSN attendees and drink specials. Who knows, you may even hear a few more tunes from our SSN musicians on the Scuba Jay stage.

Mmmmmmm. Apres scuba.

* we are still proud to serve cold  Village Brewery beverages. But in the same quantities as last year, and the year before. So they didn't fit into the "more" category.

1920 × 1080 identity .jpg

Official P.R. Stuff


Print worthy if you need to print it. Email it to your friends if you'd like. Multi sized versions of Poster to enhance your promotional impulses. Spread the word!

Our Story

It started as a surprise virtual concert for Keith's injured son one evening in late 2020, gathering up his musician compadres to bring some joy to the situation. It seemed like a good idea to do it again the following Friday. And again. And again ...

One pandemic winter, 17 episodes, 60 Hootenany Artists, and lots of joy later .. hundreds of people were gathering online each week for virtual Zoom concerts "with full original sound" that featured intimate sets from dozens of talented artists from their home studios, kitchens, living rooms with whatever instruments were on hand. The talent oozed. Toes tapped. Hearts burst. Tears cried. There is nothing more vital than music to help heal and soothe the savage soul.

And now ... we're pleased to be taking these grassroots musicians to real stages to showcase their amazing talent!


Are you a musician looking for a stage?

Hootenanny artist's come from all walks of life, from 12 to 82, all types of music, instruments, originals, covers, solo/duo/trio... you name it. This is a judgement-free zone, we're justing having fun together!

You'll get a 20-25 minute set to entertain yourself and the audience, with full P.A. systems and a sound engineer, all you have to do is plug in, play your music, and love being on stage again.

If this sounds like something up your alley, apply for a Hootenanny Spot using the button below

Use #sunnysidesummernights as Hashtag for the event on all social platforms. Let's get social!

Connect with Keith's Hootenanny and Artists online

Image by Szabo Viktor


All the videos of all the online Hootenanny's plus artist "Hoots" of some of the best perfomances. Live perfomances included as best we can.

Image by Solen Feyissa


The life and times of Keith's Hootenanny


Image by Brett Jordan


Follow us for event postings, artist announcements, livestreams and community sharing.


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