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Petrol Head Club: Join the Community of Car Lovers

With a sound that recalls the poppier side of '90s shoegaze and modern-day emo, Brooklyn's Living Room are tunesmiths of a high order. Their hook-heavy yet dissonant approach gets stuck deeper inside your head with each listen.

Meanwhile, I went away touring in my caravan for 4 months and on my return - to my horror - the roof tiles had been replaced!! I rang the builder accusing him of going ahead with replacement tiles without my authorization. He assured me he had not done any work at my house and was waiting for me to give the go ahead. At this point I realised Wet and Forget had done the job and my rood looks brand new. I cannot thank you enough. You may use this as a recommendation of your wonderful product at will.

petrol head

Through taxation, planned prohibition of petrol and diesel cars at the end of the decade and a measure of environmental concern, electric vehicles have been on a steady rise in recent years after a slow start.

The Fast and Furious franchise has established a cult following among automobile enthusiasts and cinema lovers. Ever since the first instalment came out, the Fast series has become synonymous with high-speed car chases, heavily tuned cars, and American muscles with V8 and V12 engines. While the franchise certainly feels different after Paul Walker's demise, it continues to give petrol heads an adrenaline rush that's second to only driving the drool-worthy cars featured in Fast and Furious films. The ninth instalment of the Fast franchise which is playing in several countries is a testament to that. Now, for a film that so intently circles around fast cars and mean machines, one might assume that even the cast must be full of car fanatics. And that's probably true. But who among the Fast and Furious cast is the biggest petrol head? We reckon it is Sung Kang who plays Han in the Fast franchise (just check out his social media handles and you'll know why we say that). But Vin Diesel has a different answer to this; in an interview with an international publication, Vin revealed that his son is the biggest petrol head among the Fast and Furious cast. His son, by the way, is 10 years old and will be seen in the Fast 9 playing the younger version of Dom.

In 2023 there will be 9 Petrolhead Thursdays where drivers and fans of supercars can experience track driving with or without guidance of professional Petrolhead instructors. The main event this year will be Petrolhead Sunday. Discover the best and fastest dreamcars, visit our car clubs, walk through the Petrolhead Village and enjoy all activities for the entire family.

Petrolhead Days is a reliable and truly dynamic partner. All the projects done by The Driving Force and our excellent collaboration provides everyone the opportunity to live their passion on track. Thanks to their passionate way of working, we are always able to present succesful products for the market. Throughout the years we could count on their support and know-how. This gives Circuit Zolder a whole new dimension.

What ingredients does it take to become a true petrolhead? Certainly more than just a cool car. A petrolhead is driven like a fanatic who never gets enough of the street buzz. And what else do you need? No idea. But our Intense Matt Petrolhead color certainly helps with that.

Whether you're a seasoned tinkerer or a college graduate looking to spend decades under the bonnet of a car, our top 7 mechanic t shirts will get every petrol head's motor running or make them laugh. Either way, they're a great gift that the mechanic in your life will love.

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