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Buy Disneysea Tickets

Park tickets are sold two months in advance at 2 PM Japan time. The official Tokyo Disney Resort website has a helpful calendar showing available tickets. Once you have your park tickets, you can enter the park that day. There are no park reservations, unlike other Disney Parks.

buy disneysea tickets

Discounted tickets are sometimes available during the slower winter season. This is sometimes limited to residents in Japan. If you have a friend in Japan, ask them to buy tickets for you ahead of time. Discounts are not much and are usually around 700 (US$6.00).

Get all your discount tickets for Tokyo Disneyland, Robot Restaurant, Universal Studios Japan, and more through our tickets page (includes an exclusive discount code). For my personal recommendations on SIM cards, portable wi-fi devices, travel insurance, cheap flights, and hotel bookings, read our travel resources page.

Great info! Would you consider adding a section on the ticket options for hotel guests? I get a ton of questions about this over on Disney Travel Babble, but I know the types and prices of hotel-guest tickets change, so I never have a good answer.

Hello, your site is super helpful! Do you have any tips on how a US resident can purchase Tokyo Disney tickets online ahead of time? We are looking to visit the parks on dates that require Fixed-Date Tickets, but have not been able to purchase our tickets online because it seems like the site only accepts credit cards issued in Japan. Thank you!

Hello!I will be visiting Tokyo Disneyland in December, and was thinking of purchasing tickets online. However will I be able to get an original ticket at disneyland itself? Or will I only have the e-tickets? Thank you in advance!

Hello, I have a question because we are going to tokyo next year (february) and we would like to go to Disney Sea. I saw that we can buy tickets at disney store like shibuya. Can we buy the ticket and use it the day after or another day ? We want to buy the tickets the day before our visit to disney sea.Thanks in advance for your answer.

My husband and I purchased tickets from Klook (lastnight) for Disneysea the night before the day we were expected to go (which was today) but we never made it to Disneysea because we were only sent a summary order and no tickets/etickets or any vouchers. We checked our bank account and the money has been taken out. We have tried to call customer service and email the support email provided and no response. I was hoping to get a response today so we can get the tickets for tomorrow. This is very disappointing hope someone can help.

Hello! We are staying onsite at the MiraCosta! We will be in Tokyo several days before heading to Disney and staying the Hilton Tokyo Bay the night before our hotel stay. Do you know if we head over that night if we can pick up our tickets from our package?

Thank you. I have been trying to buy my tickets on line for days and it keeps saying unable to process. I have talked with my credit card company and they unlocked it but still not going through. Any suggestions?

So you can also get guaranteed tickets if you book a package through Hilton Tokyo Bay and other official hotels. Package is reasonable, starting at 30,000 for 2 adults with breakfast, 2 park tickets, 7am check-in and 7pm check-out the next day.

I have 2 questions! First of all thank you for all the useful information !! My first question is if I can link my Klook purchase with the TD Resort app? and if the calendar map says that tickets for that day are sold out is it just in the Klook app or can I purchase tickets the week of?

You can call the Tokyo Disney directly and they will unrestrict your Disney user account to be able to purchase tickets. Number I called +81- 45-330-9697 and they were able to help me. I used my Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Good luck!

Ticket types: 1-Day Passport, Passport with designated entry time (from 10:30 a.m.)New sales: 2:00 p.m. on the same day two months in advance of the date of visitNumber of tickets available for purchase: Up to 5 tickets per purchasePayment method: Credit card only

Ticket Type: 1-Day Passport (subject to sell-out)New tickets sold: Every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.Duration of tickets sold: Tickets sold up to approximately one month in advanceNumber of tickets available for purchase: Up to 5 tickets per reservation to the storePayment method: Credit card or cash, electronic paymentWhat you need: Reservation for a store visit

I wasn't able to buy my tickets online due to security issues. Apparently it's really hard for people to purchase tickets overseas (I live in Los Angeles) Where did you purchase yours? I was thinking the best thing to do was get them at the disney store in Shibuya.

For some reason foreign Disney accounts have a restriction that prevents you from purchasing tickets. You can call the Tokyo Disney directly and they will work with you to unrestrict your Disney user account to be able to purchase tickets. Number I called +81- 45-330-9697 and they were able to help me. I used my Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Good luck!

I live in Australia and bought them from our hotel. We stayed at The Hilton Tokyo Bay. Depending where you are staying you can buy your tickets from the hotels. The day was just perfect and we all had an awesome time. Enjoy your holiday

Tried it with visa and mastercard. Both unsuccessfull. They did charge my visa with 2 cents as companies often do to ensure your card is real, but even five days after that it was not possible to actually buy the tickets online. I think I've spend two hours reading all their FAQ and instructions. My visa company ensured me that they did three times approve the payment. that such a simple thing does not work with such a big company. Nor do I find the policy very customer friendly, as there is no explanation on why the payment is not successfull. But as calling Tokyo Disney is the only way to contact them, I guess I will take the advice to buy the tickets once in Japan to heart. Thank you for sharing that!

Before you try to book tickets, I recommend reading my blog posts on Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea as I tell you how to use the crowd predictors to find out which days will be busier than others as well as our favourite ways to go about our disney days.

Presently, the sales counters at both theme parks are not operating. Never fear though, there are still other ways to get tickets. This means you either have to buy online, through a travel agency, an affiliated hotel, or a convenience store within Japan. Ticket purchases are limited to five for one group.

This impacts myriad aspects of operations, including theme park tickets for Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. The biggest change is that only single-day tickets are currently being sold, which includes a variety of late-arrival passports. All of these are date-based, with pricing that varies based upon projected demand.

This leaves you with a couple of alternatives. First, you can roll the dice and hope that tickets for your dates do not sell out prior to your arrival in Japan. Once you get there, you can either purchase from convenience stores or at the on-site hotels (Disney-branded or third party). All of these hotels supposedly set aside tickets for on-site guests.

Tickets at Tokyo Disney Resort are incredibly straightforward. The main options are 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, or 4-day park tickets. If you purchase a 1 or 2-day ticket, it is not a park hopper ticket. If you purchase a 3 or 4-day ticket, days 3 and 4 are always hopper days. With all tickets, you need to specify which park you will be visiting on each of the first two days.

Two other potential things about which you might want to know are that park tickets are sold at the Disney Stores in Japan and Lawson or Family Mart convenience stores. The tickets are full price at Disney Store, so the only advantage there is buying them during your trip but potentially before you arrive at Tokyo Disney Resort.

A more common scenario is wanting to see a particular piece of entertainment numerous times. Even so, you can still see whatever entertainment that is on 3 of 4 days on your trip. Remember, 4 day tickets have park hopping on days 3 and 4, this means you can theoretically end your night in the same park on three different days.

There are a couple of partial day tickets that might be attractive to you. We do not approach these from a money-saving perspective (although you could). Embarrassingly enough, we often take advantage of these with the perspective that 4 days is not enough for us, so how can we add another day?!?

The reason we do not view these tickets from a money-saving perspective is simple: their value is illusory. If you are approaching tickets as a per-hour cost, both of these tickets are actually more expensive than a regular 1-day ticket. You pay less because you get less.

Do you agree or disagree with our advice regarding park tickets at Tokyo Disney Resort? Any suggestions of your own to add? Any questions? Hearing feedback about your experiences is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments!

Tried to book 2 park tickets with my UK Mastercard, seemingly did not go through as it did not go through secure authentication but now a charge for 0.01 has appeared for Tokyo Disney on my account, anyone had this issue and what does it mean???

Hi Tom,Would a vacation package with Tokyo Disneyland Hotel be more cost efficient than compared to buying park tickets seperately? Also I noticed that if I book a disney vacation package, it comes with 8 FPs but I am not sure if I get that many FPs with park tickets bought seperately? Appreciate your advice. Tks! 041b061a72


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