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Phantom Forces Bruh Hub [UPDATED]

This script is called Bruh-Hub. It's undetected and contains lots of features. The main features are aimbot, silent aim and ESP. It also has some side features such as fly, speed, change color of gun, change color of map, etc. As far as I know it only works in phantom forces.

Phantom Forces | Bruh Hub

This invention relates to wire wheels for vehicles. Such wheels are still in demand by many persons for reasons of appearance, and also because the suspension of the rim, via the spokes from the hubshell of the wheel provides an advantage in the ride of the vehicle. The traditional general structure of wire wheels embodies a machined hubshell which is adapted to be fastened to the wheel hub of the vehicle, either through bolts or a so caled "knock-off" hub, and a plurality of spokes which extend outwardly from the hubshell through holes in a surrounding wheel rim. The outer ends of the spokes are threaded into nipples which extend inwardly through the holes in the rim. The spikes do not extend in a truly radial direction from the hubshell, but extend outward and/or inward so that there are spokes extending from two laterally displaced circles of holes in the hubshell into two laterally displaced circles of nipples on the rim. This arrangement is necessary in order to accommodate lateral forces due to cornering and other maneuvering of the vehicle. In the use of such wheels, however, the lateral space occupied by the spokes may present somewhat of a clearance problem when the wheels are to be used on vehicles having disc brakes, since a typical prior art hubshell has an outer diameter which will interfer with the brake caliper housing.

FIG. 1 is a partially broken away vertical sectional view taken through the wire wheel provided by the invention, with the wheel hub and the rotor disc and caliber assembly of a disc brake shown in phantom lines; and 041b061a72


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