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Overlord IV Episode 9

We might not have gotten all the action I wanted. But, Overlord IV Episode 9 was still a good episode. Right from the start, it had my full attention. I thought Albedo was going to kill King Ramposa III right then and there.

Overlord IV Episode 9

What do you think of Overlord IV Episode 9? Do you think Ainz is actually going to destroy the entire Re-Estize Kingdom? Do you remember Negrido from earlier in the series? And how many episodes do you think it will take for the Four Armaments to die? Let me know in the comments.

For the international release, Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be available an hour after it airs in Japan. In the United States, the corresponding schedule would be:

Naeura offers up his family heirloom, the Five-Coloured Holy Sword, facetiously adding the condition that he'll give it to her if she marries his youngest son; however, Lilynette shows her immense depravity as she literally drools at the prospect of being married off to a child, describing her excitement as "drooling at the prospect of fruit that hasn't ripened yet". The entire exchange is a moment the episode really could have/should have done without, and it awkwardly attempts to regain its serious atmosphere by moving straight into combat against the undead of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

At this point, Overlord's awkward CGI is simply part of the experience; however, fights like episode 4's bout with Ainz against the Warrior King, Go Gin, rush to memory when combat sequences like this most recent one are shown. The Death Knight and Death Warrior prove to be heavy obstacles for mithril-level adventurers, but they are rescued from debilitating defeat and retreat by a saviour clad in crimson armor, sporting the tell-tale dog tag of an adamantite-level adventurer. The mysterious adventurer happens to carry what appears to be an M-class automatic rifle, using a hail of bullets to deal with both major threats in a matter of seconds before leaving the scene without uttering a word. When Shalltear remarks at the easy dispatching of powerful undead summons like the Death Knight and Warrior, Ainz surprises his underlings when he claims that this too was simply part of the plan.

The previous episode saw the Holy Kingdom mistranslated as Theocracy. Thankfully, this episode's subtitles were updated. The episode also didn't waste any time on transitions; instead, the plot moved forward smoothly. Along with this, we were also introduced to a few new characters, giving us an understanding of their varied personalities.

Overlord season 4, episode 9, titled Countdown to Extinction, starts with King Ramposa III asking for mercy for his kingdom in exchange for his head to Albedo. However, Albedo laughs it off, saying that the Sorcerer Kingdom had decided to wage war on the Re-Estize Kingdom, and the decision wouldn't change,

We are then taken to Port City E-Naeul, where the episode invests some time in introducing us to the new characters and their personalities. Count Naeura and Scama Elbero talk about the undead forces marching towards the town that could decimate them. However, the Four Armaments led by Elbero, were not planning to leave.

We were also introduced to Priestess Lilynette, who is very popular among men. But in a twist of the tale, people discovered that she was interested in being the concubine of Count Naeura's third son, who was 12 years old. These events played out as humorous parts of the episode.

Episode 9 of Overlord Season 4 is a must-watch as the episode brings in numerous plot points that will affect the future events of the series. Ainz finally found some opponents that could fight back against his forces. This should excite him. We look forward to seeing how he deals with this situation. 041b061a72


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