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Sebastian Parker

Train Simulator 2014 Steam Edition Crack Only Download 32

I was not going to swap to steam untill i had a big crash(too many addons)i had to reistal lgold, so i thought give steam edition a go. I then uninstalled my Fsx gold (I was either going to be a hero or an idiot) I download steam edition. no troubles so far, and loaded Orbx global( cant fly without that)Everything worked as it should with everything cranked up as far as it would go.Amazing fps rates doubled in a lot of cases .I changed the new settings in Air Hauler no problems at all, Addit pro only required a minor change and chocks up wheels away. I have loaded some missions and thru addit pro some 20 rotary and fixed wing aircraft so far with no problems at all. I know that sooner or later i will strike one that will not work,but i am sure it will be an easy fix.I am running an intel i7-3770, GTX 660, 16 Mb ram. On the whole I would definately reccomend the swichCheers Brian garbutt

train simulator 2014 steam edition crack only download 32


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