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Khazina E Amliyat Pdf 125

Khazina E Amliyat Pdf 125

Khazina E Amliyat is a collection of Urdu books on the topic of amliyat, which are the practices of Islamic mysticism and magic. Amliyat are based on the Quran, the Hadith, and the teachings of various Sufi saints and scholars. Amliyat are used for various purposes, such as spiritual healing, protection, love, wealth, success, and more.

The Khazina E Amliyat collection consists of 125 books in PDF format, which can be downloaded for free from the Internet Archive . The books cover a wide range of topics and methods of amliyat, such as:


  • Amliyat for different planets, stars, and zodiac signs

  • Amliyat for different days, months, and seasons

  • Amliyat for different angels, jinn, and spirits

  • Amliyat for different names and attributes of Allah

  • Amliyat for different prophets, saints, and awliya

  • Amliyat for different surahs, ayahs, and dua of the Quran

  • Amliyat for different numbers, letters, and symbols

  • Amliyat for different herbs, stones, and metals

  • Amliyat for different colors, shapes, and patterns

  • Amliyat for different animals, birds, and insects

The Khazina E Amliyat collection is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in learning about the secrets and wonders of amliyat. The books are written in Urdu language, which is widely spoken in Pakistan, India, and other parts of the world. The books are also rich in illustrations and diagrams that help to explain the concepts and procedures of amliyat.

The Khazina E Amliyat collection is not only a source of knowledge, but also a source of inspiration and guidance. The books teach the readers how to connect with Allah and His creation through amliyat. The books also teach the readers how to use amliyat for good purposes and avoid any harm or misuse. The books also warn the readers about the dangers and pitfalls of amliyat, such as shirk (associating partners with Allah), bidah (innovation in religion), sihr (black magic), and nifaq (hypocrisy).

The Khazina E Amliyat collection is a treasure trove of amliyat that can benefit anyone who seeks to learn and practice them. The books are easy to access and download from the Internet Archive . The books are also easy to read and understand with the help of a Urdu dictionary or translator. The books are also easy to apply and perform with the help of faith and sincerity.

The Khazina E Amliyat collection is a gift from Allah to His servants who want to increase their knowledge and spirituality through amliyat. The books are a testimony to the power and mercy of Allah who has revealed His signs and secrets to His chosen ones. The books are a tribute to the wisdom and generosity of the authors who have shared their experiences and insights with the readers. The books are a legacy for the future generations who will inherit the knowledge and practice of amliyat.


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