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Manhood: The Bare Reality Book Pdf

Manhood: The Bare Reality book pdf

Manhood: The Bare Reality is a book by Laura Dodsworth that features 100 intimate photographs and interviews with men, and explores themes of masculinity, gender and sexuality, offering a unique insight into what it means to be a man in the 21st century. The book was published in 2017 by Pinter & Martin Ltd and has received positive reviews and media coverage for its honest and compassionate portrayal of men's penises and bodies in all their diversity and glory, dispelling body image anxiety and myths.


If you are interested in reading this book, you may be wondering where to find a pdf version of it online. However, before you search for a free download, you should be aware of the following reasons why you should buy the book instead:

  • Support the author and publisher. Laura Dodsworth spent two years working on this project, interviewing and photographing men from all walks of life, from veteran to vicar, from porn addict to prostate cancer survivor. She invested her own time, money and energy into creating this book, which is a labor of love and a contribution to the social and cultural conversation about men, their bodies and masculinity. By buying the book, you are showing your appreciation for her work and supporting her financially. You are also supporting the publisher, Pinter & Martin Ltd, which is an independent publishing company that specializes in psychology, pregnancy, birth, parenting, health and wellbeing books. They are committed to producing high-quality books that challenge conventional thinking and offer new perspectives on important topics.

  • Enjoy the full experience of the book. The book is not just a collection of photographs and interviews, but also a carefully designed and edited work of art. The layout, typography, paper quality and binding are all part of the aesthetic and tactile experience of reading the book. The book also includes an introduction by the author, a foreword by psychotherapist Phillip Hodson, and an afterword by Professor John Aitken, who is an expert on male reproductive health. These sections provide valuable context and analysis for the main content of the book. By downloading a pdf version of the book, you are missing out on these aspects of the book that enhance your understanding and enjoyment of it.

  • Respect the rights and privacy of the participants. The men who participated in this project agreed to share their stories and images with the author and the public, but they did not consent to have their content distributed online for free. They trusted the author to protect their rights and privacy, and to use their content in a respectful and ethical way. By downloading a pdf version of the book, you are violating their rights and privacy, and potentially exposing them to unwanted attention or harassment. You are also disrespecting the author's agreement with them, which was based on mutual trust and respect.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you buy the book instead of downloading a pdf version of it online. You can buy the book from the publisher's website, from Harvard Book Store, or from other online or offline retailers. You can also borrow the book from your local library or from a friend who owns it. By buying or borrowing the book, you are supporting the author, the publisher and the participants, as well as enjoying the full experience of the book.


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