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Waves Complete V. Incl.Patch-V.R

Waves Complete v. Incl.Patch-V.R

Waves Complete is a collection of professional audio plugins from Waves Audio, one of the leading developers of audio software for mixing, mastering, music production, and sound design. Waves Complete includes over 200 plugins that cover a wide range of audio processing tasks, such as equalization, compression, reverb, delay, modulation, pitch correction, noise reduction, and more.

Waves Complete v. is the latest version of Waves Complete, released on March 29, 2023. It features several improvements and bug fixes, such as:


  • Added support for macOS 11 Big Sur on Intel-based Macs.

  • Fixed an issue with Waves Tune Real-Time not loading in Logic Pro X 10.6.

  • Fixed an issue with Abbey Road Saturator not working properly in Pro Tools 2020.11.

  • Fixed an issue with Vocal Bender not showing the correct latency in some hosts.

  • Fixed an issue with CLA Epic not saving presets in Cubase 11.

  • Fixed an issue with Scheps Omni Channel not loading the De-Esser module in FL Studio 20.

  • Fixed an issue with SSL G-Master Buss Compressor not showing the correct gain reduction in Studio One 5.

  • Fixed an issue with Waves Central not displaying the correct installation path on Windows 10.

Patch-V.R is a team of hackers who specialize in cracking audio software and releasing patched versions that bypass the copy protection and allow users to use the software without paying for a license. Patch-V.R has released a patched version of Waves Complete v. that includes a keygen and an installer that automatically applies the patch to the Waves plugins folder. The patched version allows users to use all the plugins from Waves Complete v. without any limitations or restrictions.

However, using the patched version of Waves Complete v. is illegal and unethical, as it violates the terms and conditions of Waves Audio and deprives them of their rightful income from their products. Moreover, using the patched version may expose users to security risks, such as malware infections, data theft, or system damage, as the patch may contain malicious code or alter the system files in an unauthorized way. Furthermore, using the patched version may result in poor performance, compatibility issues, or instability of the software, as the patch may interfere with the normal functioning of the plugins or cause conflicts with other software or hardware.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that users do not download or use the patched version of Waves Complete v. from Patch-V.R or any other sources, and instead purchase a legitimate license from Waves Audio or their authorized dealers. By doing so, users will support the development and innovation of Waves Audio and enjoy the benefits of using high-quality and reliable audio plugins that are regularly updated and supported by Waves Audio.

: [Download V12 - Waves Audio] : [How To Install And Use Waves Complete V. With Patch-V.R PATCHED]


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