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Imposition Studio 383 Mac OSX

Imposition Studio 383 Mac OSX

Imposition Studio is a professional imposition software for digital and offset printing presses. It creates output-ready print layouts for digital printers and image setters in Adobe PDF format from regular PDF files using the included layout templates or user-created custom layouts with any number of pages, signature styles, binding method, printing styles, etc. It supports all digital printers, image setters, and CTP machines.


Imposition Studio is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The latest version of Imposition Studio for Mac is 383, which was released on January 25, 2023. This version includes many new features and improvements, such as:

  • Innovative PDF optimizer, preflight reports, color grading, and special effects

  • Spot color management and conversion to ICC profiles

  • Image size optimizer and CMYK/RGB/Grayscale color conversion

  • Missing font replacement and convert text to path

  • PDF repair function and PDF/A support

  • Sequential cut mode in cut & stack setup

  • Dutch cut book layout support

  • PDF page overlay with colored and textured mode

  • BleedMaker utility to create custom bleed area

  • Page wise color swatch mode

  • Layout browser to view layout files within templates window

  • Combine mode for section outputs

  • Odd and even row/column mode for master page options

  • Common back side pages options

  • Export job informations to file

  • Predefined actions in gang run transform window

  • More PDF link options in link window

You can download Imposition Studio for Mac from the developer's website[2] or from the Mac App Store[3]. The trial version includes free use of all 2 up outputs up to 16 pages, as well as some useful utilities such as combine PDF, booklet maker, PDF to image converter, image to PDF converter, split PDF, rotate PDF, spread to page, etc. The full version costs $199.99 and allows unlimited use of all features and outputs.

If you are looking for a reliable and economical imposition software for your printing needs, you should give Imposition Studio a try. It is easy to use, fast, and flexible. You can create professional quality print layouts with just a few clicks. Whether you need perfect binding, saddle stitching, section sewing, step-and-repeat, group cut-and-stack, gang-run method, OMR marks, barcode support, or high volume printing, Imposition Studio can handle it all.


  • [Download Imposition Studio for Mac MacUpdate]

  • [Imposition Studio Digital on the Mac App Store]

  • [Imposition Studio for Mac - Download - Softonic]


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