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Keith's Hootenanny Presents Sunnyside Summer Nights Event header 1600_edited.jpg

If you are interested in joining the lineup this summer, please go here or click on the link below to submit your act.

Please complete the form in its entirety - including links to Bandcamp or your website, social media handles, imagery, etc to be considered.


Thanks For your interest!


Keith & Daniel

Want to Perform?

Musician Honorarium

We didn't make a ton of dough, however this is my attempt to share the wealth, and give you enough thanks to buy a bottle of wine or two. I created a pool from all nights then allocated it into shares that recognise 1,2, and 3 or more performers. See below for details.


First off, special thanks to John, our primary sound guy, for making you sound so sweet - and to Andy too, who stepped up when John was away.


Next, a special thanks to that amazing gal, my MIL Janet Sims, who, well armed with her charm and a hat, collected over $1,100$ in donations during the Hoots while making a few new friends. As she does. 


The amazing container park staff kept the crowd safe and happy as we collectively figured out how to do this, in these times. Thanks for your patience!

And finally, thanks to performers Mike Allan and Joe Moreau who threw their honorarium share back into the pot, and for Memphis and the Grande for taking a single musician's share, even though, if I recall, more than Memphis appeared on the stage during those sets.

Stay tuned for next year - We're creating a charitable foundation so we can better pay our fine talent - you!

Thanks so much for a great season. Really hope to see you on stage again!


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