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If you are interested in joining our lineup this summer, please read below, then click on the red button. You'll land on the Stagehand app, where you can create a profile (for other opportunities) and submit your act to SSN.

Each night we have four performer profiles - please read, then signify which act is best suited to your style and music


  1. Opener – We’re looking for a single or duo act that is happy to play before the festivities begin, to create a welcoming mood as the audience files in. (0:20-0:30)

  2. 1st Act – As the first introduced act after the land acknowledgement and greeting, you’ll continue to set the stage with an energetic or compelling set. Looking for single, duo, or small ensemble here. 0:30 set

  3. 2nd Act – Your group is in this spot to mix it up a bit. Introduce your unique sound to an audience that, perhaps, isn’t your typical audience. Looking for acts that are from outside of the western tradition, or have a unique assembly of instruments – so for this spot we’re looking for musicians and music that’s informed by culture, or traditions outside of the norm. 0:30 set

  4. Headliner – OK, you’ve been around a while, and want to flex your muscles a bit, or get some extra stage time before your next gig. We’re looking for an experienced band that knows how to communicate to the crowd, and, at the very least, trigger some head nods, leading to foot taps, and perhaps a little dancing on the boards. You know how to transport the crowd to funsville. Because you’ve sent a crowd there before


Make sure you tell us which spot you’re best suited to, and why. We’ll get back to you before mid June with booking info.


Thanks For your interest!

Performers, Please!

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